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Should I Restore or Replace My Hardwood Floors?

Should I Restore or Replace My Hardwood Floors?

Dec 1, 2021

Beautiful, natural and long-lasting, hardwood is a popular option for flooring throughout any home. When properly maintained, hardwood floors can last decades without needing to be refinished. There is a certain charm to old hardwood flooring, but with that can come scratches, holes, stains and other signs of age that aren’t ideal. So, how do you decide if your hardwood floors should be restored or replaced?

Refinishing Your Hardwood Floor Allows You To Keep Your Floor Intact.

A major upside to refinishing your hardwood is keeping your floor intact! If you’re just looking at a few problem areas or simply wanting to update the color or texture of your floors, then refinishing is a great option. Refinishing also allows you to replace a handful of damaged boards while blending them in with your existing floor. 

Replacing Your Hardwood Floors Allows You to Choose A Whole New Look.

One of the biggest factors in choosing to replace hardwood is if you are planning to change the aesthetic of your room. Perhaps you have plain oak throughout your home and are looking for something more updated, modern or exotic that a new stain can’t provide. If you’re looking to incorporate a creative pattern or inlay, replacing your flooring is the first step.

It’s Best to Replace Severely Damaged Flooring.

Small signs of wear and tear can often be easily fixed in hardwood. However, if more than 30% of your floor is damaged or if you have gaps in the floorboards, warping from water damage, rot or damaged subfloors, the best option is to replace the floor entirely.

Consider How Many Times Your Floors Have Been Refinished.

Refinishing hardwood involves sanding down the wood and adding a new layer of stain or sealant. Keep in mind the wearable layer of a floor is finite, meaning you can only sand them down so many times before the integrity of the boards are compromised and more likely to crack. If your flooring has been refinished a few times, it’s time to replace.

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