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Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Let Aladdin’s team of experts rid your floors of the dirt that sweeping and mopping can’t.

A home with hardwoord floors that have been professionally cleaned by Aladdin Cleaning and Restoration

Clean and Protect Your Floors

Aladdin can make your wood floors look like new in a fraction of the time and expense compared to a full polish and refinish job. Utilizing a machine designed specifically for cleaning wood floors and our green-certified process, we can make any type of wood floors look great. Our process works on genuine hardwood, engineered wood and laminate flooring.

Wood Floor Cleaning Options

Aladdin cleaning specialist professionally cleaning hard wood floor

Clean and Buff

Spinning microfiber and cotton cleaning bonnets aggressively clean and extract dirt, dust, soil and built-up residue. Using a wood-safe cleaner, buffing fibers leave your floor clean and shiny.

Hardwood flooring being professionally cleaned with equipment for a deep clean

Intensive Clean

For floors that need a little more elbow grease, our intensive two-step cleaning process includes floor buff followed by a wet clean. Add on regular or high gloss rejuvenation finish to restore and protect your floors to like-new condition.

Aladdin cleaning specialist professionally refinishing hardwood floor


This dust-free chemical resurfacing will dissolve the clear protective layer that is worn, scratched or has lost its shine. The floor is then cleaned and dried, and two coats of finish are applied. This one-day refinishing process guarantees a long-lasting five-year finish.

Aladdin cleaning specialist professionally cleaning tile, grout and stone in a home

Natural Stone Cleaning

Stone is often porous and can look dingy and grimy over time due to foot traffic and use. Our specific cleaning process restores the original beauty of the stone and tile surfaces in your home from floors to countertops and backsplashes. The sealing process will protect your stone and grout from re-absorbing oil, dirt and bacteria.

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