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Professional Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning

Expert specialty, antique and oriental rug cleaning services.

Aladdin cleaning specialist places antique, oriental rug into professional-grade rinse and wringer to remove dirt and debris

Trust Our Certified Rug Cleaning & Repair Specialists

Our rug cleaning specialists are experts on the many different origins and types of rugs and understand that each rug is different and requires special care. Our Vice President, Meg, and our Operations Manager, Damon, are both graduates of the Master Rug Cleaner program. Additionally, Bob Spalten, the president of Aladdin, is the only certified rug specialist (CRS) accredited from the Association of Rug Care Specialists in the San Antonio area. With less than 80 people worldwide having completed the rigorous training needed to achieve this distinction, we are proud to be the #1 in offering expert rug cleaning services to the San Antonio, New Braunfels and Boerne area.

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A Proven Rug Cleaning Process

When it comes to oriental, antique or specialty rugs, normal hot-water extraction methods, like the ones used on your carpet, are not enough. Proper removal of embedded soils requires at least 300 gallons of water per area rug, and rapid drying is necessary to prevent resoiling.

Aladdin Cleaning and Restoration is the only company in South Texas with a fully automated rug cleaning plant, which ensures the controlled environment needed to properly clean and dry your rug. Each rug is handled by a trained and certified cleaning specialist who has years of experience in rug cleaning, repair and restoration.

Every rug goes through an environmentally friendly rug cleaning process, which includes the removal of dry soil, a machine cleaning process, rapid drying and a final grooming and inspection.

Customize Your Rug Cleaning Services

In addition to proper rug cleaning, we offer a variety of specialized services for rug care, maintenance and prevention.

An Aladdin cleaning specialist applies industry-leading fabric protection to an oriental rug


Protect your rugs with our top of the line fabric protectant. AladdinSeal penetrates your rug’s fiber to its inner cortex and protects it from the inside out, not only from permanent stains and wear, but also from fire/smoke and sun damage.

An oriental rug is professionally treated for pet stains and deodorizing

Pet Accident Treatment

Counteract, neutralize and remove pet accident odors. Through a series of treatments, we will do our best to get rid of any stains or odors.

An oriental rug being sanitized to prevent odor and contamination from foreign substances

Sanitation Treatment

Decontaminate your rug from any heavy-duty odors or any foreign substances that may have come in contact with your rug.

The Aladdin team wraps and protects an antique oriental rug for long-term storage to prevent damage and bug infestation

Storage Wrap

Looking to redesign your home or swap out an oriental rug for the season? We can help you safely protect your heirloom rugs and more from damage and insects with proper wrapping from rug from head to toe.

An oriental rug prepped and wrapped for cross-country shipping

Shipping Wrap

Selling your oriental rug? We can help you prep your rug to be shipped off, anywhere in the world! We will wrap your rug in a heavy duty wrap and even set up the shipment for you. *We are not responsible for the cost of shipping*

An oriental rug with damage being repaired by hand

Rug Repairs

Noticing some stains or damage? Choose from a wide array of repairs: Fringe replacement, binding, overcasting, re-weaving, repair raw edges, damaged or missing fringed, wrinkling, creasing, tears, snags, holes, permanent stains, water rot or burns. Read more here.

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