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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Expert care for your treasured pieces.

Aladdin Employee guiding a rug through and industrial cleaning machine.

Trust Our Certified Rug Specialists

Our cleaning specialists are experts on the many different origins and types of rugs available and understand that each rug is different and requires special care. In fact, Meg, our VP, and Damon, our Operations Manager are graduates of the Master Rug Cleaner program. Additionally,  Bob Spalten, the president of Aladdin, is the only certified rug specialist (CRS) accredited from the Association of Rug Care Specialists in the San Antonio area. Less than 80 people worldwide have completed the rigorous training needed to achieve this distinction.

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A Proven Process

When it comes to oriental rugs, normal hot-water extraction methods, like the ones used on your carpet, are not enough. Proper removal of embedded soils on tightly woven specialty rugs requires at least 300 gallons of water per rug, and rapid drying is essential to prevent resoiling.

Aladdin is the only company in South Texas with a fully automated rug cleaning plant, which ensures the controlled environment needed to properly clean and dry your rug. Each rug is handled by a trained and certified cleaning specialist who has years of experience in rug cleaning, repair and restoration.

Every rug goes through an environmentally friendly cleaning process, which includes the removal of dry soil, a machine cleaning process, rapid drying and a final grooming and inspection.

Aladdin Employee performing a 35-point inspection

Step 1

35-Point Inspection

This protects your investment and ensures your rugs come back clean and bright.

Aladdin Employee putting a rug through industrial machine to remove dry soil.

Step 2

Removal of Dry Soil

Agitation breaks soil free. We remove the dry soil prior to the wet cleaning process, which gets the rug much cleaner.

Aladdin Employee applying pre-treatment to rug.
Step 3


Rugs are fully saturated with water as pressurized water sprays are used to dislodge dirt, dust and soil.

Aladdin Employee pre-cleaning rug.

Step 4


Cleaning agents are distributed and worked into the carpet to begin the removal of soils.

Rug being put through industrial cleaning machine.

Step 5

Machine Cleaning Process

Aladdin’s automated cleaning plant applies detergent, gentle agitation, and thoroughly rinses soil and detergent from fibers.

Aladdin Employee putting rug through industrial drying machine.

Step 6

Machine Dry

A large rug centrifuge is used to ‘spin’ the rug to remove and extract any residual water.

Rugs hanging to dry in facility.

Step 7

Send Rugs to Drying Facility

Rugs are moved to our humidity- and temperature-controlled drying room. This process prevents improper drying and leaves the rugs soft and fluffy.

Aladdin Employee applying fabric protector to rug.

Step 8

Apply Fabric Protector and Groom

The protector helps to prevent spots and stains from ruining your fine rugs and textiles. Grooming improves the appearance and speeds drying.

Aladdin Employee grooming rug.
Step 9

Final Grooming and Inspection

Cleaning specialists hand-clean fringes, comb the face and inspect the rug to ensure it meets Aladdin’s high standards.

Aladdin Employee wrapping rug for pickup.

Step 10

Roll and Wrap Rugs for Pickup

This protects rugs during the ride home and helps to keep rugs dust and lint-free during storage.

Customize Your Rug Cleaning

In addition to proper cleaning, we offer a variety of specialized services for rug care, maintenance and prevention.

Aladdin Employee applying AladdinSeal to rug.


Protect your rugs with our top of the line fabric protectant. AladdinSeal penetrates your rug’s fiber to its inner cortex and protects it from the inside out, not only from permanent stains and wear, but also from fire/smoke and sun damage.

Rug going through Aladdin's pet accident treatment.

Pet Accident Treatment

Counteract, neutralize and remove pet accident odors. Through a series of treatments, we will do our best to get rid of any stains or odors.

Rug with Aladdin's Sanitation treatment.

Sanitation Treatment

Decontaminate your rug from any heavy-duty odors or any foreign substances that may have come in contact with your rug.

Aladdin Employees wrapping a rug for storage.

Storage Wrap

Going out of town or tired of your rug? We can completely wrap your rug from head to toe in order to protect it while it is stored away.

Rug wrapped in shipping wrap.

Shipping Wrap

Let us get your rug ready to be shipped off, anywhere in the world! We will wrap your rug in a heavy duty wrap and even set up the shipment for you. *We are not responsible for the cost of shipping*

Aladdin Employee repairing rug.

Rug Repairs

Choose from a wide array of repairs: Fringe replacement, binding, overcasting, re-weaving, repair raw edges, damaged or missing fringe, wrinkling, creasing, tears, snags, holes, permanent stains, water rot or burns. Read more here.