Oriental Rug Cleaning and Repair

Whether you are an avid collector of Oriental rugs or lucky enough to have been given a rug that has been passed down through generations, maintenance is required to extend its life. As certified members of ARCS and Wool Safe, Aladdin’s rug experts are the clear choice for cleaning and repairing your treasured rugs.

Your Rug Is Worth It

To ensure the ongoing quality and enduring value of your rug, it is important to have it cleaned regularly to eliminate abrasive contaminants such as soil, bacteria and pet dander that can wear down the fibers of the rug.

Aladdin understands that your rug holds more than just monetary value. Whether it’s an heirloom or an import, you can be confident that Aladdin will treat your rug with the utmost care.
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Repair Your Oriental Rugs to Extend the Life

All rugs undergo typical wear and tear. To preserve your fine rugs and ensure they last a lifetime, let our trusted experts repair them.
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