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Upholstery Cleaning

From small cushions to large sectionals, Aladdin’s specialists remove stains and revitalize fabrics.

A living room with expensive upholstered couches and drapes that have been professionally cleaned

Wishing for Extended Life and Beauty?

Just like carpet, fabrics act as air filters in your home, collecting pollutants from the air such as soil, bacteria and pet dander. Also, just like carpet, they should be regularly vacuumed and cleaned or the fabric will become lifeless, and worse, the abrasive contaminants will eventually destroy the fibers in the material, requiring you to replace it earlier than if it had been properly maintained.

Aladdin’s Upholstery Cleaning Process

Aladdin’s certified cleaning technicians follow a five-step cleaning process that identifies the most effective cleaning methods for each piece with detailed cleaning and drying. Cleaning can be done in-home, or ask about our pick up and delivery option. Aladdin will pick up your furniture and take it to our cleaning plant to be serviced, then deliver back to your home.

Aladdin cleaning specialist professionally cleaning draperies

Drapery Cleaning

If you are having your carpets or furniture upholstery cleaned, there’s no better time to have Aladdin’s trained cleaning specialists clean your draperies as well. We work with all types of fabrics and fibers and use a dry-cleaning process to ensure a safe cleaning.

Drapery cleaning is done in-home and helps bring new life to your decor while improving the quality of air you breathe.

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