Upholstery Cleaning

Wishing For Extended Life and Beauty?

Just like carpet, fabrics act as air filters in your home, collecting pollutants from the air such as soil, bacteria and pet dander. Also, just like carpet, your upholstery and draperies should be regularly vacuumed and cleaned or the fabric will become lifeless, and worse, the abrasive contaminants will eventually destroy the fibers in the material requiring you to replace it earlier than necessary.

Aladdin’s trained and certified cleaning specialists have been serving San Antonio and surrounding areas since 1956. That means that for over 50 years, San Antonio residents have been trusting their carpets, rugs and furniture to Aladdin Cleaning and Restoration.

On-Site Upholstery Cleaning

From small cushions to large sectionals, Aladdin’s specialists can give your furniture a new, revitalized look or simply help you remove those stubborn stains. They will inspect the upholstery for colorfastness, vacuum the upholstery, clean it and speed-dry it. They can also apply a fabric protector to help prevent future stains and color fading.

Ask about our pick-up and delivery option. Aladdin will pick up your furniture and take it to our cleaning plant to be serviced. Then, we will deliver it back to your home.

On-Site Drapery Cleaning

If you are having your carpets or furniture upholstery cleaned, there’s no better time to have Aladdin’s trained cleaning specialists clean your draperies as well. We work with all types of fabrics and fibers and use a dry cleaning process to ensure a safe cleaning.

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Aladdin’s Upholstery Cleaning Process

  1. Inspection – Upon entering your home the cleaning specialist will inspect the upholstery in question for colorfastness, damage, wear, and type of fiber. This will determine if the furniture should be wet or dry cleaned.
  2. Job Briefing – The cleaning specialist will qualify the job with you, informing you of the process required to clean your upholstery.
  3. Space Preparation – The cleaning specialist will start by preparing a safe place to work (moving furniture or placing a drop cloth).
  4. Vacuuming And Pre-Treating – The cleaning specialist will then vacuum the upholstery to remove the dry soil, begin pre-spotting any stains and then pre-treat the entire piece of furniture allowing 10 minutes for the solution to do its work.
  5. Cleaning Process – The cleaning specialist will then clean the upholstery with the pre-determined wet or dry cleaning process.
  6. Speed Dry – A high output air mover will be placed near furniture to speed the drying time.
  7. Final Inspection – When cleaning is complete the cleaning specialist will inspect the furniture with you to get your approval and answer any final questions you might have.

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