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Carpet Cleaning

Protect your investment and extend the life of your carpet.

Father and child sitting on a clean carpet

Did You Know That Clean Carpets Can Improve the Air Quality in Your Home?

Your carpet acts like a giant air filter in your home, collecting bacteria, pet dander, pollen, dust and soil from the environment. Just as you clean or replace the filters for your A/C unit, you should regularly clean your carpets to remove these allergens.

While frequent vacuuming can help keep dry soils at a minimum, regular professional cleaning will deep clean the fibers of your carpet and keep your air clean of pollutants.

Trust the Aladdin Experience

Aladdin has been serving customers in San Antonio and surrounding areas since 1956. Our certified, trained cleaning specialists clean your carpet in accordance with carpet manufacturers’ recommendations, which include pre-vacuuming, pre-treating and speed drying.

Whether you are fighting deep down dirt or surface stains, Aladdin’s specialists will provide a free analysis and recommend the appropriate cleaning method for your carpet.

An Aladdin employee hot water cleaning carpet with tool.

Hot Water Cleaning

With a powerful truck-mounted system that runs off the van’s engine, Aladdin cleaning specialists flush the fibers of your carpet with a solution of hot water and detergent, providing a deep, restorative cleaning that removes imbedded soils and kills bacteria. This cleaning is followed by a thorough rinsing and assisted drying.

An Aladdin employee encapsulation cleaning carpet with tool.

Encapsulation Cleaning

This low-moisture, quick-drying cleaning method is great for fighting sticky soils and restoring your carpet’s luster and appearance. Crystallizing polymers surround soil particles, encapsulating them, so they are made dry and can be easily removed from your carpet with a vacuum. Aladdin’s cleaning specialists apply the cleaning solution with a bonnet attached to a rotary machine, which cleans the surface of your carpet with a gentle scrubbing motion.

Aladdin’s Carpet Cleaning Process

Our 10-step cleaning process ensures a consistent, professional deep cleaning in every room of your home. We take great care in protecting your home and furniture as we clean, and will provide recommendations for any areas that might require additional treatment.

Aladdin employee placing wall protection
Step 1

Protect Your Home and Furnishings

We place walk-off mats and corner guards to protect your entryways from tracking and damage from hoses, etc.

Aladdin employee moving furniture
Step 2

Move Furniture (Platinum Package Only)

We place your furniture on “skidders” to prevent damage to the furniture or carpet.

Aladdin employee vacuuming room
Step 3


Pre-vacuuming removes up to 80% of dry particles and increases cleaning effectiveness. It removes the dry soil before it gets wet.

Aladdin employee pre-treating carpet
Step 4

Pre-Treat and Apply Deodorizer

Just like pre-soaking your dishes, this allows the detergent more time to work and gets your carpet much cleaner.

Aladdin employee cleaning carpet with tool.
Step 5


The cleaning specialist will proceed with the cleaning method recommended.

Aladdin employee treating tough spots on carpet
Step 6

Treat Stubborn Spots

We will make every effort to remove troublesome spots without damage to your carpet.

Aladdin employee cleaning baseboards with towel.
Step 7

Clean Baseboards

This removes dust build-up and nicely finishes your room.

Block and tabs placed under furniture.
Step 8

Block and Tab Furniture

This protects carpet from furniture stains and protects furniture from watermarks. It also helps to speed up the drying time under furniture.

Aladdin employee re-applying carpet protection
Step 9

Re-Apply Carpet Protector (Gold and Platinum Packages Only)

This restores your carpets ability to resist spots and stains. It also comes with our Six Month Spot and Spill Warranty.

Aladdin employee re-setting pile.
Step 10

Re-Set Pile and Speed Dry

Re-setting pile helps restore the soft, fluffy nap appearance of the carpet. Our speed drying system cuts drying time by 1/2 and returns your carpets to service sooner.

Service Levels

Aladdin offers three pricing levels, which are based on the size of the carpeted areas cleaned and the level of furniture moving requested.

  • Manufacturer’s Recommended Cleaning Process (on all visible areas)
  • Manufacturer’s Recommended Cleaning Process (on all visible areas)
  • Fabric Protector
  • 6 Month Spot and Spill Warranty (covers everything but pet urine)
  • Furniture Moving (limited)
  • Manufacturer’s Recommended Cleaning Process (on all visible areas)
  • Fabric Protector
  • 6 Month Spot and Spill Warranty (covers everything but pet urine)
  • Furniture Moving
Silver Gold Platinum
Manufacturer's Recommended Cleaning Process (on all visible areas)
Fabric Protector
6 Month Spot and Spill Warranty (covers everything but pet urine)
Furniture Moving limited

What to Expect

Day of Cleaning

A fully certified, uniformed cleaning specialist will arrive within 30 minutes of the scheduled appointment time. Each room should take 15 to 30 minutes to clean depending on the size of room and the amount of furniture to be moved. Drying time varies based on cleaning method.

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Following the Appointment

Aladdin strives for 100% customer satisfaction. A representative from Aladdin will contact you, and you will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the quality of the service provided, the performance of the cleaning specialist and your overall satisfaction.