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What Are Those Marks That Won’t Come Off? Etching – Damage to Your Natural Stone

What Are Those Marks That Won’t Come Off? Etching – Damage to Your Natural Stone

Jun 4, 2024

Imagine you’re spending the weekend deep the cleaning the house. As you wipe your marble kitchen countertops, you notice spots that aren’t coming off. No matter how hard you scrub, nothing is doing the trick. What’s the deal? White marks and spots that don’t go away when cleaning are likely something called etching.

What is etching?

Marks that look like water rings or stains on your countertops, backsplashes or flooring that you can scrub away is actually etching. Etching happens when acidic foods, cleaners or alcoholic substances come into contact with calcium carbonate in natural stones like marble, limestone and travertine. This reaction cause the calcium carbonate to erode (aka your stone), resulting in damage that looks like dull spots or white stains. Think of it as a burn.

What is etching damage on natural stone like marble

What causes etching?

The culprit behind this mischief: acidic substances. Things like lemon or citrus juice, tomato sauce, vinegar, and even your favorite vino can lead to some serious etching if not addressed. The wrong combination of cleaning solutions can even cause significant damage to your natural stone.

Can etching be prevented?

Yes! The best way to fight against etching it to prevent it in the first place. Here’s how:

  1. Be careful with acidic liquids: Limit the citrus, vinegar and wine contact to your countertops. Keep it all on a cutting board or in the glass!
  2. Choose the right cleaning products: Read your cleaning labels! Not every bathroom, kitchen and floor cleaner is safe to use on natural stone. The wrong cleaning products will damage your stone. We recommend our hard surface cleaner available for purchase on our site.
  3. Invest in correcting hard water: Yes, unfortunately even hard water can be problematic for the surface of your stone. High levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium will react and cause etching.
  4. Clean up spills ASAP: Don’t let spills linger! The longer they hang around, the more likely they are to cause damage for your stone surfaces.
  5. Ensure your stone is properly sealed: Think of sealing as a protective shield for your stone. It adds an extra layer of defense against etching and other forms of damage. More® AntiEtch® sealer stops etching and protects your surfaces, allowing you to maintain a beautiful natural stone look.

How can you fix a stone surface that has etching?

If you already have etching, there is a way to fix it. Aladdin Cleaning and Restoration uses a proven eight-step process to professionally clean, remove etching and restore your stone surfaces back to their natural beauty.

How to fix natural stone  etching damage with professional marble restoration

Don’t let etching ruin the beauty of your stone surfaces any longer. Take action today and contact us to schedule a consultation. Let’s work together to ensure your stone surfaces stay flawless and pristine for years to come.