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Cleaning Carpets During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Cleaning Carpets During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Apr 13, 2020

As an essential business during San Antonio’s “Stay at Home Declaration of Public Health Emergency,” we at Aladdin are remaining open to serve you and your cleaning needs. We want to help our customers take every precaution to keep their home and workspace environments clean and safe.

Our commercial and residential cleaning services are not only designed to help keep your floors and carpets looking fresh and new, but to also eliminate up to 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria. Through an in-depth cleaning process including pre-vacuuming, pre-treating and speed drying, we ensure that soil, sand, dander, bacteria and other pollutants are removed from your floors.

In addition, we use alkaline-based pre-sprays to release soils and allow for deep cleansing which includes water at the ideal decontamination temperature between 100 and 150 degrees. We finish each cleaning with an application of EPA-approved anti-microbial disinfectant used specifically to treat germs and bacteria. Our IICRC-certified technicians are specifically trained to handle these chemicals and are offering no-contact services to better protect our staff and you.

Additional Steps You Can Take at Home

Clean and Disinfect High Touch Surfaces Daily
We tend to think about countertops and tables but don’t forget to think beyond those to include chairs, doorknobs, light switches, remote controls (for TV’s and gaming systems), phones, tablets, sinks and toilets.

Routinely Wash Your Linens and Other Items
You may have already caught up on your laundry while sheltering in place but don’t forget to clean bedding, throw blankets, towels and pillows. It is especially important that you remember to wash your door rugs or mats if you have essential employees living in your home or if you are leaving your home for groceries and other necessities. Wash them on the hottest setting recommended for those items and dry them thoroughly.

Keep Your Walking Surfaces Clean
If you aren’t already, this is a great time to begin eliminating the habit of wearing shoes inside your home. Vacuum often and use a HEPA filter to limit small particles from being released back into the air. Wash and disinfect hard floors with proper cleaner and consider scheduling a professional cleaning service for your carpets, hard floors, rugs and request a disinfectant be applied.

For more tips on cleaning and disinfecting, please visit the CDC’s resources.

Contact us today for information on cleaning your carpets, wood or tile hard floors. Our certified technicians can help ease your worries during this time. Give us a call or schedule an appointment today.