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Is Your Rug Worth Repairing?

Is Your Rug Worth Repairing?

Jun 1, 2020

Rugs are subject to all kinds of wear and damage: furniture leave dents, edges fray and spills just happen. While rug repair and maintenance are commonplace, it’s important to take into account the value of your piece when determining if it’s time to repair or time to replace your rug.

What Factors into the Value of a Rug?
This question does not have a simple answer. Multiple considerations play into determining the value of your rug and not all rugs are guaranteed to appreciate in value over time.

In particular, age relative to condition. A rug that was made hundreds of years ago will not be of value on its own, it needs to be well-kept. Older rugs are of higher value because the materials and process were different back in the 19th century (and before) that aren’t replicated in the products you see today. Additionally, older hand-made rugs were not as mass produced which leads to limited availability.

Quality of Materials
The type and quality of the materials in your rug will depend on the geographic origin and timeframe it was made. The level of these materials will affect the feel of your rug as well as the visual appearance. Materials to look at can include types of silk, grade of wool and natural dye vs. synthetic. It’s important to note that a particular region of origin doesn’t always ensure quality of materials. For example many Persian rugs are named after the village or district that the materials were gathered from and the rug was made in. So it’s important to important to inspect your rug and do your research to determine value.

Size of Rug
Not always a rule, but generally the larger the rug, the higher the value. The larger the size, the more time and materials that went into making it. Particularly in older rugs that were made by hand, the size exponentially increases the value.

Rugs should be thought of in the vein of art or a fine painting. An abundance of rugs with similar designs will generally be a lower value than one-of-a-kind pieces. You also have to take into consideration current design trends. Different rug designs will vary in popularity depending on its design and color pallet, and that can change over time as current trends change and evolve.

Of course, it’s always best to consult a professional when determining the market value of your rug, as there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. Sentimental value will also play a big part of the equation. If you’re rug is in need of repair, consult with the experts at Aladdin to determine what repairs are necessary, and the value of your pre and post repaired rugs.

Types of Repairs
Rug repairs are not uncommon and, if done correctly, will not de-value your rug. However, it is important to only trust your rugs to qualified professionals. Repairs range in price depending on the damage and how time-consuming the repair. While you will find that professionals quote a higher price, keep in mind that repairing oriental rugs requires skill and is a labor-intensive process.

Replacing or repairing the edges of the rug by hand with overlying stitches to prevent unraveling.

Fringe Repair and Replacement
This is often the first area in need of repairs. Damaged fringe can be re-secured or the uneven portion can be pulled back through to prevent further knot loss.

Sewing a remnant piece of rug into a missing section (hole) of your rug. This is a less expensive way of repairing holes than reweaving.

See more of our repair processes here.

Before getting to the point where you have to ask yourself if your treasured piece is worth the cost of a repair, there are some preventative steps you can take to prolong the life of your rug.

Rug pad
Rug pads not only keep your rug from slipping and protect your floors, they also protect your rugs from unnecessary wear. A pad helps relieve the stress put on your rug from walking and from furniture that may cause them to shift and stretch. Shop custom cut rug pads at our online gallery.

Make Repairs ASAP
While small repairs may not seem like an urgent matter, getting them taken care of early on can keep a simple repair from turning into a costly bigger one.

Regular Cleaning
Not cleaning your rug regularly can shorten its lifespan. Dirt and grime act like sandpaper, grinding away at the fabric fibers with every step. However, oriental rugs require more specialty cleaning than your standard carpets. It’s important to only trust your rug cleaning to experts like Aladdin that have a [cleaning process specifically designed for these pieces.]

Regular Inspections
Even if you don’t have any visible repairs that need to be made, it’s recommended to have your rug serviced every 5 years by a rug care expert. A great time to have this done is during your annual rug cleaning.

Placement in your Home
While you’ll likely want to show off your beautiful rug, keep in mind the implications of placement in your home. Areas with high foot traffic will cause more wear and stress to your rug. Additionally, areas near a window can cause color fading. It’s also a good idea to rotate your rugs regularly. Moths like dark spaces and could be hiding under couches or behind curtains waiting to cause damage to rugs they come in contact with.

While your treasured rug may hold sentimental value, it’s important to consider the market value of your piece before making costly repairs. But, if your rug is in need of cleaning or repairs, call Aladdin today to learn more and book an appointment.