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Is the Flooring in Your House Making Your Allergies Worse?

Is the Flooring in Your House Making Your Allergies Worse?

Oct 1, 2020

If you suffer from allergies, the type of flooring in your home can make a big difference. While rugs and carpeting are nice to have on cold mornings when you get out of bed, they can be major allergen collectors, compounding seasonal allergies and asthma reactions.

Hard Floors vs Carpeting
If you’re used to having carpet, you probably don’t realize how much contaminants can collect deep in the fibers. Dust mites and pet dander are particularly difficult to remove completely from rugs and carpeting without deep cleaning, and just walking on them can kick up old particulates which aggravate allergies. With hard floors, it’s easier to see dust and hair accumulate which typically leads to more frequent floor cleaning. Dust mites can’t hide on hard floors, making them less prevalent in and around the home.

Cleaning Your Hard Flooring
While hard floors require more frequent cleaning, they don’t trap allergens and dust mites like carpet does, and are much easier to clean by sweeping, vacuuming and mopping. Knowing what type of cleaning products work best for your flooring can make a difference in cleanliness and overall longevity of your floors. Using a dust mop or simple broom is a good way to keep everyday dirt, dust and hair off the floors and out of your respiratory system.

Cleaning Tips When You Have Carpet
If you’re not ready to rip out the carpet and install new flooring just yet, there are a few tips to help reduce allergic reactions. Carpets and rugs require deeper cleaning methods such as steam cleaning to flush out all contaminants, so regularly doing so after vacuuming reduces buildup. Purchasing an air filtration system with HEPA­—High-Efficiency Particulate Air—also aides in filtering out allergens in the air that would otherwise settle into the fibers of your carpet and stick around. Scheduling routine cleaning for your air ducts and vents will limit the amount of particulates being cycled throughout your home and collecting in your carpets.

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