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Snow, Rain, Busted Pipes: Water Damage and Carpet Cleaning

Snow, Rain, Busted Pipes: Water Damage and Carpet Cleaning

Feb 1, 2022

As beautiful as snow is, nearly a year later, we don’t think that anyone is likely to forget the snowstorm of February 2021 that left many of us across Texas and San Antonio without power, heat, and water—along with quite a bit of plumbing and water damage issues. We received more than 200 emergency calls last February about extensive flooding, water extraction, and carpet cleaning needs. And we know many of you have lingering questions about water damage and what to expect if you are faced with flooding in your home. We have some professional insights to share about carpet cleaning. Read on!

Carpet Cleaning After Water Damage

Not all water is created equal, and it matters what type of water damage you’re dealing with. Before you attempt a full carpet cleaning and restoration on your own, please consider the source of flooding. There are three types of water damage designated by the IICRC (the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification):

Category 1: Clean Water Damage

This is the least severe as it involves “clean water” as known as water that is sewage and toxin-free, like water from broken pipes and water supply lines that lead to sinks and bathtubs.

Category 2: Gray Water Damage

This water damage refers to appliances like toilets, washing machines, and backups. While not necessarily harmful to encounter, gray water can carry chemicals and waste that might cause problems later.

Category 3: Black Water Damage

This is the most extreme type of water damage that carries the most serious health risks. It includes rising floodwaters, river and groundwater, and sewage. The materials that encounter black water need to be cleaned or handled as quickly as possible.

Should You Replace Carpets After Water Damage?

The probability of water damage restoration for carpets largely depends on a combination of how long your carpets have been submerged in water and in what type of water. While there is no cut and dry timeline for when you should consider replacing carpets (rather than contacting a professional carpet cleaning company to thoroughly clean and dry your floors), a good rule of thumb to follow is if a carpet has been wet for more than 72 hours, it is probably better to replace it. That being said, before you start pulling up carpets and try tackling water damage on your own, make sure you aren’t making things worse with these tips.

Don’t Use Your Everyday Vacuum Cleaners

So, you’ve stopped the running water and removed standing water…now what? First, never use your home vacuum cleaner on damp carpets. You’re creating the perfect environment inside your vacuum for mold and mildew. Plus, your home vacuum just isn’t going to be efficient or strong enough to completely remove the water. Instead, use a shop vacuum to remove residual water and make sure your carpets are completely dry before you use a home vacuum cleaner.

Pull Up the Carpets

It is important to confirm all water is removed. If it’s damp, It’s not enough. And even ifa carpet appears dry to the touch, that doesn’t mean it is. Pulling up the carpets makes sure the surface underneath is dry and not harboring water. Make sure the floorboards are dry too or you’re looking at potential damage to your drywall and insulation, which is another slew of problems. Those layers of padding underneath the carpets? Probably best to toss them and replace them.

Prevent Mold and Mildew

Water extraction can be a tricky business, and if carpets, padding, or flooring are left damp, mold and bacteria are likely to grow and cause major problems. Solely removing water from carpets is insufficient in avoiding long-term damage. It is also important to eliminate moisture and humidity from the air too. We recommend a dehumidifier that can remove extra water without recirculating it.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or less than confident in your carpet cleaning and drying skills, leave it to us. Our team is professionally trained and certified to perform water extraction and water damage repair. No matter the type of water damage you’re experiencing, we offer 24/7 emergency restoration services and water extraction for all categories of water damage. And not just for carpet cleaning! If you have experienced flooding to hardwood floors and other hard surfaces, contact us for professional floor cleaning to disinfect and protect your spaces. Remember, you don’t have to go at water damage restoration alone. Contact Aladdin Cleaning and Restoration today – experts in water damage restoration in San Antonio.