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Signs Your Rug Needs Some TLC (And a Deep Clean)

Signs Your Rug Needs Some TLC (And a Deep Clean)

Jul 1, 2022

When was the last time you showed your area and oriental rugs some love with a really good cleaning? One of the best features of an oriental rug is its ability to easily conceal dirt, dust and grime. The complex patterns and bold colors can mask decades of dirt. But just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. A buildup of dust and dirt can settle deep into the fibers of your rug, causing damage. And it’s not just dirt that can be a problem. Insects, moisture and even sunlight can pose serious problems for the life and longevity of your rugs.

Yes, vacuuming can help remove the day-to-day dirt, but to really keep your fine oriental and vintage rugs in their best condition, we recommend a deep clean once a year. Here are some signs that your rugs are due for professional rug cleaning. If you’re trying to decide if your rugs need some added TLC, walk through our checklist, and decide for yourself.

There’s a Smell

A food spill or pet accident can lead to a persistent and unpleasant odor. Even after a thorough cleaning at home, a smell can sometimes be exacerbated if the fibers don’t dry properly. In that instance, mildew and mold may be what’s really causing that persistent odor. If you have a noticeable smell, skip the air freshener, it’s time for a professional rug cleaning.

Different Shades of Color

There are two reasons you may start to see color changes to your vintage rug. Varying shades of the same color can indicate dirt has infiltrated deep into the fibers and pile of your rug. When this occurs customers also tend to experience more allergy symptoms. Rugs are magnets for debris, dust and allergens that can cause sneezing, runny or blocked nose, itchy and watering eyes and even intermittent coughing. The other reason for different shades of color can be dye migration, where colors have bled together. This is caused by the presence of moisture—think oversaturation of liquid from DIY cleaning or pet urine. A thorough professional rug cleaning will bring your rug back to a hypoallergenic state and repair the coloring of your rug.

You Live with Pets or Children

As we’ve said before, area rugs are magnets for dirt and dust and with that, potentially harmful and dangerous bacteria. Your pets and children are more likely to be on the floor, playing and crawling on your oriental rugs, meaning they are coming into direct contact with potentially harmful bacteria. As a reminder, we recommend taking your shoes off in your home and here’s why. If your household is home to children and pets, up the frequency of your rug cleaning and check out our spring and fall cleaning checklists to keep your home looking great throughout every season.

Stubborn Stains

Sometimes spot cleaning just doesn’t cut it when it comes to stain removal. We won’t blame you for putting off a deep cleaning after one stain, but if they’re racking up in number, or it looks like a stain you previous cleaned keeps coming back, don’t wait! Professional rug cleaning can remove a multitude of stains from pet stains to coffee, red wine, ink and more. Trust us, we’ve seen it all…

Your Rug is Looking Worn

Wear is unavoidable, especially if your vintage rugs are in a heavy foot-trafficked area. Furniture placed on top of a rug can lead to wear and tear as well as hide dirt and dust. While a rug pad is important in increasing the life of your rug by helping limit friction and protect the pile, over time, the pile of your rug can still become flat. A thorough rug cleaning can improve the pile of your rug, making it more vibrant, fluffier and softer. But if you’re noticing holes or small patches of threadbare sections in your antique rugs, you may have a more active problem. Clothes moths don’t just love your expensive cashmeres and wools, they love oriental rug fibers too! Noticing irregular holes or tunnels in your rugs? Those could be signs of clothes moths, but don’t worry. We can treat and repair your rugs, too.

If you found yourself falling into any of the categories on our checklist above, don’t worry, Aladdin is here to help. Annual rug cleaning keeps your rugs lasting longer and your home healthier. Contact us today for your next rug cleaning service. We offer pick-up and drop-off at locations around San Antonio and New Braunfels area. Whether you need cleaning or repair, spot treatment or fabric protection, check out our current specials.