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Love Your Home Office With These Design Refreshers

Love Your Home Office With These Design Refreshers

Feb 2, 2021

The unexpectedness of working from home last year had many of us scrambling to create space for a home office or working in an office that was not set up for daily use. Changing your surroundings can generate new ideas, boost creativity and get you feeling productive. If you’re one of those spending 40 hours a week (or more) at your WFH desk, now is a great time for some design TLC.

Take Out the Clutter
Desks are clutter magnets. Start by clearing off your desk, so you can see what really needs to be there. We can bet items like books, perhaps toys, an extra coffee mug and other things have crept onto your desk. Don’t let it turn into a variable “junk drawer.” Make sure your office maintains its purpose. And those papers and documents you haven’t touched in over a week? File them out of sight until you need them again.

Get Organized
Once you’ve decluttered your office, what do you do with everything? Use decorative storage boxes, drawer dividers and bins to organize your supplies and keep it off of your desktop. You can look for ways to bring in more textures and colors with baskets and shelves. While you’re at it, move or change the direction of your desk. Turning your desk 90 or 180-degress can give you a whole new perspective and renewed motivation.

Bring in the Green
Studies have shown that nature can make us feel more inspired and relaxed. It’s just good for the soul. Not only will they brighten up a room, they improve air quality too. Add some natural touches to your workspace with a leafy houseplant in a pretty planter or exotic succulent. Have more of a brown thumb than green? Adding a few faux plants and an air purifier can help keep the air you breathe fresh and clean, adding to your creative power and sense of well-being.

Make it Comfortable
You spend a lot of time in here! It doesn’t just have to focus on function. Invest in an ergonomic chair or a fashionable back pillow for extra support. Warm up your office with an area rug, a bright lamp and a cozy throw for those cold, rainy days. Make this space somewhere you enjoy spending time and can really produce your best work.

Personalize it
Bring in some of your favorite things. Afterall, it’s for you. Consider adding some framed photos of your family and friends. Hang up your diploma or some favorite art pieces to create more visual impact for you and your clients on those Zoom calls. Those with coworkers on the furry side may even want to keep an extra pet bed in the corner to make it more of a “co-working” space.

If you’re feeling inspired, stop by the Aladdin rug gallery or shop online for the perfect oriental rug to start your home office refresh.