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How to Choose the Right Rug for You

How to Choose the Right Rug for You

Jun 1, 2021

When it comes to purchasing a rug for your home, everyone has different goals in mind. Some want to add a splash of color to liven up an area, others see a large antique rug as a more permanent investment in their home. No matter the reason for your selection, there are several common things to keep in mind when trying to find the right rug for your home.

Size and Shape
Where is the rug going to go? Will it be in a small room, a large room or run down a hallway. Getting a rug that’s too big or too small for the space you intend it for can throw off the aesthetic of the room. Start by taking a measurement of the area you intend to place the rug, giving yourself room so that the front legs of all the furniture that would be in the area are placed on top of the rug. Oftentimes it can be helpful to use painter’s tape to mark out the space, giving you a clearer picture of how the rug will fit in the space.

Picking the right material for your rug can affect not only the look and feel of the rug, but how much care and maintenance it will require in your home. Is the rug going into a high traffic area like an entryway or hallway? Will kids or pets use the area as a play space? Is the rug being placed in a dining area or other spill prone areas?

Natural fibers such as wool, cotton, silk, jute and sisal are all durable and long lasting. They do a great job at hiding soil and taking the everyday wear and tear for high traffic areas but are often pricier and may require professional cleaning to properly maintain. For wool rugs the natural oils in the material helps repel liquid and makes cleaning up spills easy with blotting, while cotton and silk absorb stains more quickly and can trap dirt and pigments deep within the fibers.

Synthetic fibers including acrylics and polyester are more affordable options that are easy to clean and typically stain resistant as well. As time goes on, however, they can accumulate mold and mildew from repeated spills requiring more frequent replacement than natural fiber rugs. Synthetics are typically easy to clean with spot cleaning, steam cleaning and vacuuming, but also absorb dirt and oil making them look dirty faster.

The thickness of the woven materials, or pile changes the way a rug feels underneath your feet, the way sound is absorbed in the room and how long the rug may last. High pile rugs use taller, loose fibers which make them feel soft and plush and are a perfect addition to any quiet room in your home. Low pile rugs use shorter woven fibers which makes them ideal for high traffic areas such as hallways or kitchens.

Color or Pattern
For traditional rugs, the colors and patterns available can be limited by the natural fibers used in the rug’s construction. For synthetic fibers however, the technology today allows for almost any color or style. When matching a rug to a room, interior designers use patterned rugs in rooms where the main piece of furniture is a solid color. Try to match the secondary colors in the pattern with other items in the room like cushions or drapes. For smaller rooms, picking light colors can help make a space appear larger. Yellows, reds and oranges create a sunny warm mood, while dark rich colors make a room feel more intimate.

Whatever size or material rug you choose, Aladdin Cleaning and Restoration can help you keep your rug looking as good as the day you brought it home.

Need some inspiration to get you started? Visit our antique rug showroom or browse our available rugs through our online rug gallery. And don’t forget about rug pads. Our custom cut rug pads help provide non-slip resistance that protects your floors from spills and scratches. The certified rug care experts at Aladdin Cleaning and Restoration offer professional rug cleaning along with rug reparation to help you maintain your antique and oriental rugs.

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