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Why Cleaning Your Tile and Grout is Important?

Why Cleaning Your Tile and Grout is Important?

May 1, 2021

Unlike carpets, it can be easy to overlook the importance of having your tile and grout professionally cleaned…even it if it doesn’t look dirty. If you haven’t had it recently (or ever), now is a great time to do it. Check out the best reasons to have your home’s tile and grout cleaned on a regular basis below.

Extending the Life of Your Flooring and Surfaces
A bit of routine cleaning and maintenance can protect your floors and extend their life. Dirt, dust and other contaminants can cause wear and tear over time to your grout and weaken the integrity of your floors. Professional cleaning can help prevent build up and keep your floors from fading, discoloration, chipping or cracking. In addition to cleaning, maintaining a proper seal can minimize the chance of bacteria and dirt from absorbing into your grout. And it’s not just for your flooring either! Make sure your kitchen and bathrooms are treated to the same routine cleaning and maintenance to diminish mold and mildew from compromising your tile.

Kill Bacteria and Other Germs
Pretty tile and ugly grout? We see it often. Without proper tile and grout cleaning, mold, dirt and other debris and germs can build up on the surface of your tile and seep into the grout between your tiling. The porous nature of grout makes it a convenient breeding ground for harmful bacteria making it a potential health risk – especially for those of us with crawling babies and toddlers who play on the floor or family members who have weakened immune systems or respiratory issues. It makes you want to throw that “5-second rule” right out the window, doesn’t it? Don’t forget to also practice taking your shoes off at the door to keep those newly cleaned floors extra tidy.

Aesthetic of Your Home
Nothing ages a home more quickly than discolored and worn out looking floors. Having your stone floors (along with your hardwoods and carpets) professionally cleaned and resealed is a great investment that easily maintains the value or adds more resell value of your home.

Professional Cleaning Options
We know cleaning tile and grout can be messy and pretty labor-intensive. Maybe it’s time to call in the experts. At Aladdin Cleaning and Restoration, we offer unparalleled residential cleaning services that include tile and grout cleaning and refinishing. But don’t stop just there. We also offer professional stone cleaning for other surfaces along with hardwood and carpets.

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