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What Happens When You Don’t Clean Your Carpets

What Happens When You Don’t Clean Your Carpets

Jun 1, 2022

How often do you clean your carpet? If you can’t recall the last time you’ve given your carpet a good deep cleaning or had a professional come out, you may be in trouble. Carpet manufacturers recommend carpet cleaning at least once every 12 months to maintain the manufacturer warranty; however, it is said that 36% of Americans give their carpets or rugs a deep cleaning less than once a year, if ever. If you’re just running the Dyson over it once a month, your carpets may not look dirty, but there’s more happening below the surface than meets the eye. Here are five reasons to get your carpets deep cleaned regularly.

1. Beat Back the Bacteria

Did you know that carpets can hold up to 4 times their weight in dirt? Gross, right? Carpets are an in-home dirt magnet. From dropped food to pet hair, insect feces and everything in between, your carpets are a hot spot for bacteria. Let’s not even get into all of the bacteria that you track into your home with your shoes! (Check out our previous blog about why it’s important to take off your shoes)

Once you add up all the accumulation of dirt, debris and bacteria, your carpet could be up to 4,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat! This buildup can pose several health concerns for you and your family. Vacuuming alone won’t solve this problem; a deep cleaning is needed to ensure unhealthy bacteria are not living in your home.

2. Improve Your Air Quality

While your carpets are supposed to act as a filter for bacteria collecting and trapping it in its fibers, there is only so much it can hold. If you allow too much to accumulate, the carpet will get full and begin to release bacteria into the air. This is especially concerning for children and those who suffer from allergies and asthma. Even if you are seemingly healthy, breathing in bacteria can lead to serious health problems. One of the main issues related to air quality can come from dust mites. Dust mites, or carpet mites as some call them, are microscopic bugs that can live in your carpets. The feces from dust mites can be released into the air and trap allergy-inflaming proteins in the body known to trigger asthma attacks, eczema and rhinitis attacks. The only way to remove these pesky dust mites is through regular professional carpet cleaning.

3. Get Rid of Foul Odors

Beyond the health concerns with not cleaning your carpets regularly, dirty carpets can cause an uncomfortable living environment. No one likes to be around bad smells let alone live with them. Uncleaned carpets can harbor unwanted odors and release them in the air, and no amount of air fresheners can mask the stench. Regularly cleaning your carpets can rid your home of that unwanted smell and save you tons of money on air fresheners.

4. Maintain That “Brand New” Look

How your carpets look has a huge impact on the overall look and aesthetic of your home. Even if everything else is clean and polished, that one carpet stain will stand out in the eyes of everyone who walks through your door. Professional carpet cleaning can remove stains and improve the overall look and feel of your carpets. While it is still good to perform weekly to bi-weekly vacuuming on your carpets and rugs to improve the appearance, nothing beats a good cleaning. Bring your carpets back to brand new with a semi-annual deep cleaning.

5. Increase the Longevity of Your Carpet

Adding or updating carpet in your home is a significant investment. You want to protect it and have your carpet last you as long as possible. Pushing off carpeting cleaning only shortens the life of your carpet. With time, dirt will break down the fibers that make up your carpet, causing irreversible damage. Every step, spill, furniture rearrangement on dirty carpet leads to more damage. Professional carpet cleaners are trained in preserving your carpet and increasing its lifetime.

It is important to keep in mind that most carpet manufacturers call for a professional carpet cleaning at least once a year to uphold your warranty. These professionals understand the importance of carpet cleanings, and the impact they have on the longevity of your carpet. Make semi-annual or annual carpet cleanings a part of your home’s regular upkeep and enjoy a cleaner, healthier environment all year long.

Thinking your carpeting might be overdue for a deep clean? Don’t panic! Give us a call at Aladdin Cleaning and Restoration to get an estimate today. We’re here to help make your home beautiful, and germ-free, for years to come. Check out our specials page to get the best deals on cleaning and protection services.