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Home Décor Trends for 2024 with the Color of the Year

Home Décor Trends for 2024 with the Color of the Year

Jan 15, 2024

Looking to take your home in a new and different direction for 2024? If this is your year to plan a refresh of some rooms in your home, now is the time to start planning. And what better way to get some inspiration than looking at what’s on trend this year and what we believe will likely remain popular for many years to come.

Making a Color Comeback

In 2024, we’re saying goodbye to cold, stuffy living rooms and clinical white kitchens and hello to embracing the warmth of earthy color palettes, including green, brown, and cream, and variations of orange, including rust and peach. If you missed it, Pantone declared Peach Fuzz as its 2024 color of the year, which falls right in line with the emergence of more natural colors. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, describes it as “a color radiant with warmth and modern elegance.” And we agree! Wondering how to start layering this color into your spring home décor? Start with the floors. Oriental and antique rugs come in a range of colors, patterns, and designs that make them easy accent pieces to spruce up a space.

Turkish oriental rug home decor trends


For example, take this Turkish rug with traditional design elements in Peach Fuzz incorporated into a mid-century modern space with touches of art deco and modern accent pieces. It lends warmth and personality to the space while also hitting another trend for 2024 on the head, what we’re calling Mixing Now and Then.


Mixing Now and Then

We’re doing away with staying in one specific era and instead blending generations. Whether your home style is more modern, farmhouse, or boho, you’re exploring a minimalist or maximalist take; there are a variety of ways to mix and match your favorite antiques and vintage home décor pieces into your style. This trend is all about adding personality to your home and truly making it your own.


Antique rug styling trend


Think pairing your grandmother’s antique rug with a mid-century modern sofa and chair, contemporary art, and a bold accent wall. See one of our favorite designs below. Unique, eclectic looks that tell a story allow you to express your personality in a comfortable and inviting way.


Texture, Everywhere

From the floors to the ceilings and everywhere in between, we see textures incorporated into all kinds of spaces. This translates into fabrics like corduroy, boucle, and chenille being used on accent chairs, pillows, and throws. We’re also seeing furniture leaning more into a comfortable and lived-in look than more formal designs. The artisanal trend continues to soar in 2024, from colorful handblown glass to hand-carved wood, custom furniture, and beautiful one-of-a-kind accents. Incorporating sustainable materials into your interior design also adds texture, from reclaimed wood to the natural fibers in baskets. Finding ways to add these elements is a great way to be fashion-forward this year and on-trend with the growing sustainability-in-the-design-community movement.

Ready to get started? Head to our rug gallery for some great inspiration to build a room around. You can browse by shape, style and more.