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6 Ways to Add a Pop of Color to a Neutral Room

6 Ways to Add a Pop of Color to a Neutral Room

Apr 3, 2021

Has the extra time at home given you the itch to redecorate, reorganize and rearrange? You might be feeling the living room is a bit too safe with all those neutrals. But before you get messy, put down the paintbrush for a second and consider another approach. You don’t need to repaint an entire room or go for a full makeover to refreshen your spaces. Breathe new life into your rooms with some of our favorite ways to introduce a pop of color.

1 – Throw Color Around
A simple way to brighten up a neutral is with accents. Choose from solids, patterns or florals for a burst of color you can strategically places around a room with accent pillows or a cozy throw blanket. These additions along with colorful vases or flowers can add depth and really bring a room together.

2 – Light It Up
Bring in more dimension with a new statement lamp or upcycling an old one if you’re into DIY projects. A pair of lamps can brighten up a seemingly dark room and highlight subtle color hues. Add a mirror to a bare wall or choose one with a decorative, artistic frame to reflect light and other color accents—plus it makes your room look larger too.

3 – Add Color to the Floors
An area rug can bring warmth and cozy up an otherwise cold or utilitarian room. Floors take up a lot of visual space for a room and adding an oriental or antique rug can be a great way to add color. Easily changeable as well, rugs can be updated, moved and seasonally rotated on a whim. (Check out the Aladdin rug gallery for some design inspiration.)

4 – Bring Nature Indoors
Add an organic element to your space! Nature provides some of the most vibrant and beautiful color around. Plus, they can improve air quality, help with mental health, reduce stress and increase productivity. Just be sure to choose the right indoor plants that will thrive in whichever room you decide. For those less inclined to the gardening arts, may we suggest a faux variety for the same visual affect.

5 – Hang Bold Art
Add some personality to your space with a large, colorful piece of art that can introduce new dimension and color. You can also opt for a collection of smaller pieces of art featuring art or photography collages.

6 – Paint an Accent Wall
Okay, now you can pick up the paintbrush. But instead of full room repaint, choose a large wall or niche that will get noticed. For a bold statement, pick a contrast color from one of the fabrics or linens in your room. If subtlety is more your style, keep your paint selection in the same color family, but go a few shades darker than the rest of the walls.

Feeling inspired yet? We know we are. Check out our rug gallery online or stop by the store to pick out your next statement piece.